Harris's Hawk

Harris's Hawk

Harris's are one of only two truly cooperative hunters in the raptor world. They will live in pairs in the tropical areas, or places where prey is abundant; in areas like the Sonoran desert where prey has a lot of good cover, they have been documented in groups as large as 9 birds. 

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Fun Facts! 

They will act like 'wolves of the air', taking turns harrying a rabbit or squirrel, chasing it out of cover towards other family members, etc. 

The only hawk species known to hunt for prey cooperatively in family groups of 3-7 birds 

These birds employ clever and diverse hunting strategies that are similar to wolf packs. 

Although the Harris's Hawk is found in the southern half of Arizona, southwest New Mexico, southern Texas, and all through Mexico and South America, cooperative hunting is only observed in the Sonoran Desert region of their range 

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