Beaux-arts Urn In Conservatory Of Flowers

Beaux-arts Urn In Conservatory Of Flowers

The Conservatory's urn is a prized relic from the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. The Expo was held 100 years ago in 1915. The architects created a complex of elaborate semi-permanent beaux-arts and other-style buildings constructed of gypsum and hemp. 

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The Palace of Fine Arts was the only one of these building not torn down at the end of the fair. The Conservatory's urn is one of the few remaining relics which retains its original material of construction and is exactly as it appeared in 1915. It was actually a well head displayed at the Italian Pavilion.    The ornate hexagonal urn is made of ivory gypsum. In 2009, It went through a complete cleaning and restoration because the cherubs and swags adorning the urn had deteriorated over years of exposure to the elements, air pollution, and biological growth. It is now used as a fountain and planter for miniature species of ferns, begonias, and carnivorous plants.

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