Are you interested in turning your photos into beautiful, hand painted artwork? Rupali Kumbhani will gladly do custom work to your specifications, just like the examples below:


Read more about it and then fill out the form below to request more information! Also, if you have photos for reference, please upload it using the form.




No standard fees

Each work will have different pricing based on its size, media and deadline


Payment Terms

50% after approval of contract

50% after art work is completed before framing is done (if applicable)


Buyer to-do list 

Basic idea of what you want

Review my work and make list of works that are closer to your need 

Clear images of the photographs from which paintings needs to be created

Highly recommended to have photographs of subject from different angle 



Framing will be offered based on your input but does not guarantee exact replica of your vision



Fill out the form below

Face-to-face or video chat meeting to understand your need and scope of work

Set up mutually agreed contract

50% of payment after approval of contract

Begin Art work 

Frequent updates on the progress

Final review by YOU on finished artwork

Changes if needed

Remaining 50% payment