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International Award Winning Artist - Painter -Sketcher – Photographer- Illustrator - Designer


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My art merges imagination and memory; places I visit and people I meet.



Certification & Course 

Intermediate Drawing Certification     Government of Maharashtra, India  

Elementary Drawing Certification     Government of Maharashtra, India  

Independent Coursework on Digital Film Making




Yellow House Artists - Oil pastel artists group 

Fine Line Art Center- Art center with internationally known members from the Chicago and surrounding states

Water Street Studios – Non-profit organization devoted to expanding art in Batavia and the surrounding communities

Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts – Iconic institution for representational art in Chicago

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I have known Rupali for a number of years during which time I have seen her develop as an artist. I find her work to have a strong design and a good development of color and textural levels. I am most familiar with her oil pastels but recently have had the pleasure of seeing some of her charcoal work. Rupali has a sensitive style and a skilled understanding of the media she works in. You should consider adding one of Rupali’s pieces to your collection

Edward Zack - Instructional Design Consultant

Rupali is a young and promising artist inspired by nature and life! See performances with joy and life portrait of a child, picturesque compositions, landscapes, figures, interiors and still lifes. Very interesting natural motifs recreated as painting and photography, which speaks for its sensitivity and susceptibility. What all-seeing eye - anything from walking our world would not have missed it! But the ability to capture the moment and to present it in a subtle but convincing way. Wide variety of shapes and details in painted works by not running away from nature, immersed in its rich and unique color. What harmony of colors and patterns! Shades, hues, contrast, touch, invoice, contour line, accent, tone - all with one stroke of the brush in the right place, convincing and unique! What hand - filled with incredible strength! Impression and expression, and vice versa! Impressive and painting techniques that use, which is a culture, knowledge and experience. Also lore of artistic techniques and means of expression! In stylistic relationship works of Rupali affect me as impressive, expressionism with elements of realism and surrealism. So much strength and energy of a place speaks of a great temperament and ability to affect the world and people individually, which is handwriting and style! I believe that one day the world will speak of it as a modern Mary Cassatt or Berthe Morisot, and why not Frida Kahlo! The strength of its future works can be seen even now! Big talent can not go unnoticed!

Mircho Koleshev - Artist

Wonderful artwork and portraits! I particularly liked the portrait of Rupali's Mother but all of her paintings are extremely well done. I follow Rupaali on Facebook for glimpses of new art pieces and a schedule of her exhibits.

Gloria Sue Womac

Great, expressive work, with a very distinct style!!!

Charlotte Pingriff - Gallery Owner

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