British artist Jake Chapman has said taking children to art galleries is a "total waste of time". I think this is thought provoking statement.

The questions counter to the statement is do we believe that children have an ability to be creative? In my opinion art do not have any age boundary and neither bounded by right/wrong decisions. Even among adults all of them would not appreciate all form of art. Stopping children to visit galleries would be closing the door to world of art. Art galleries nurture the creative side of children and to enjoy them you do not have to be an art expert.

I could understand his view from economic perspective. A lot of time art gallery visit would be left out on the priority list purely because of financial reason. It is tough decision to make. But I am not in support of the thought where parents do not keep visit as priority for children because it is not worth. Of course one needs to see the subject of the art before the visit. I am not in favor of dragging children in the inappropriate art subjects.

I think art gallery is an open ticket to the creative world for a child. This will balance their world as it will do for adults.