I was excited to read the “The Landscape Paintings of Richard McKinley: Selected Works in Oil and Pastel”. Though I enjoyed looking at the wonderful collection of Richard McKinley, the book did not met my expectations.

Prior to book reading I attended Richard McKinley’s live online session with his reader. The purpose of event was to learn more about the book and have an open discussion on different topics.  Due to the size of the group, he did not get the chance to answer all queries and I was one of them. However, I was optimistic that his book would be able to answer my queries. Click on the link to the view the event recording.

I really admire Richard McKinley’s landscape work. My expectations from the book was to learn more on techniques and improvements for landscape paintings. However, the book describes more about the location and his criteria for selecting the location.  The location selection plays crucial role in the landscape painting but amount of description on the topic in the book is beyond the need. He very briefly touched some of the aspects of the painting such as value, light, tone, design and composition that was disappointing.

The book is collection of Richard McKinley’s landscape paintings and would be good for the quick tips. However, if you are looking for the detailed tips on the techniques and methods the book will not be an ideal choice.